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What is Virus?

Established back in 2015, Virus Digital Agency is a Digital Creative Agency with the purpose of being the helping figure for companies and brands. Hence the name, Virus Digital Agency is a complex assembly of molecules consisting of analysts, strategists, and creators who are well adept in the digital domain. Encountering the right living cell, which in this case are companies and brands, together we will produce magnificent attainment through a series of reactions. So, here we are, a Virus yet plays a role as your one good friend, ready to accompany every journey through ideas to accomplish your goals!


Client Experiences

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Our services


Getting the right message to the right people at the right time

  1. Audience Targeting In advertising: a target audience is a specific group of people within the target market of which product or the marketing message of a product is aimed at.
  2. Channel Targeting: By using channel targeting, advertiser can reach the right audience by targeting specific sites & content relevant to the campaign goals and creative
  3. Geo Targeting: By using geo targeting, advertiser can focusing on specific cities based on the campaign objective
  4. Time Targeting: By using time targeting, advertiser can focusing on specific time based on the campaign objective
  5. Purchase Targeting: By using purchase targeting, advertiser can reach customer purchase history.
  6. Device Targeting: An attribute coffered banner ads concepts that are implemented and interoperate on multiple devices.
  7. Custom Audience: Created audience to fit client need


Achieve KPI

Allign your goals with various advertiser’s KPI

  • Reach and Frequency: Optimize the number of user who see your ads and how often they see them.
  • Conversions: To get people to take specific action on
    Traffic: Intended to drive more user to your website
  • Video Views: Help you to show your ads to audience to watch for at least 2 or 6 continuous seconds
  • Application Installs: Help to increase application installations


Another Solution Options

  1. Perfomance Marketing: Performance marketing is combination of paid advertising and brand marketing put together, where advertisers pay only when a specific action occurs. It involves Google Ads, SEO, SEM, and Social Media Ads.
  2. Premium Ad Network: Ad network aggregate ad inventories from supply sources and match them with demand sources looking for ad slots. The supply sources in a mobile and network typically constitute apps from publishers and app developers. Demand sources are made up of advertisers looking for place their ad in another app.
  3. Digital Planning: Helping Brand to develop their marketing plan. We can develop detail strategy to max their marketing objectives. We conducted with detail research, media selection, planning development, investment, and marketing goals 
  4. Social Media Marketing: That involves creating and sharing content on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. Virus Digital Indonesia can make campaign and provide great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements. Our social media services divided into Social Media Activation (Ideation, Content creation, Activity, Admin, Monitoring, Filtering, Reporting) and Social Media Handling (Admin, Monitoring, Reporting)
  5. KOL Management: Helping brand to make influencer marketing campaigns more transparent to brands and influencers. We empower everyday people to serve through their community by helping tell stories for brands. 
  6. Website and Technology Development  (cek credential)


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