DC League of Superpets

There have been a few memorable animated films already to come out in 2022 and one of the next ones to keep your eyes out for is DC League of Super-Pets. This family friendly superhero film comes out in July and Warner Brothers has just dropped a new trailer for DC fans of all ages to enjoy.

The trailer begins with a pretty funny daydream of Krypto the Superdog throwing Lois Lane in the ocean because she is stealing Superman away from him. From there, the trailer goes into the plot of the Justice League getting kidnaped and Krypto having to form a new League of Super-Pets to save DC’s most iconic heroes. Ace the Bathound, PG the Pot Bellied Pig, Merton the turtle, and Chip the Squirrel are all here to save the day. Throughout the footage we see the new team trying to work out the kinks together and there is a really humorous moment where the Super-Pets use Ace as a human shield. Ace then jokes about getting a magic hammer which is a clear reference to the Marvel hero Thor.

The trailer is book-ended with a reused clip of Batman freaking out about a potentially unlicensed chew toy. Even though we saw this scene in the Batman-centric trailer, there is just something endlessly funny about a billionaire superhero getting mad about the thought of losing money. Especially, given that Keanu Reeves is voicing this version of The Dark Knight. Also, the additional line of Krypto calling the toy “squeezy Bruce” is sure to get a laugh out of even the most cold-hearted of people.