Full Stack Engineer​

Full Stack Engineer​

Job Description

  • Building website using CMS or native HTML/PHP/CSS according to request
  • Search and implement tools and plugins to be used in CMS-based website
  • Analyzing and translating client’s requirements to technical document and development plan at the start of all website projects
  • Work side-by-side to other team such as Account Executive and UI/UX engineers to create websites that match client’s requirements, style and cultures
  • Develop in-house tools, styles, or other assets in website development to be used in future projects


  • Able to Create highly functioning website either using CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc) or building website from scratch
  • Able to Implement website design based on UI/UX designer’s design
  • Able to communicate efficiently to clients and team member
  • Have good knowledge in CMS and it’s various tools and plugins to achieve the best website possible
  • Have knowledge about SEO and it’s implementation in website code
  • Know about visual designer such as Elementor and/or Divi
  • Know how to translate client’s needs to actual shape and function of the website
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Full-Stack Engineer